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BLUES and ROCKABILLY fest Narooma


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Hi guys/gals

anyone here in Aussie going to the Narooma Great Southern Blues and Rockabilly Festival this long weekend.


Any forumites attending wanting to catch up.

I will be attending hopefully in an official role...so I should hopefully be easy to find.

I have been asked by one of the MC's to help in MC'ing this event.

To be honest I'm not exactly sure how much of a role I'll be taking but I know there are 3 stages,and my mate [ex percussion player and manager of my first originals band] reckons he needs me to help him in this role.I wont be sure until I attend the meeting on the friday.

Whether its a stage or Even just as a "gofor" role for my mate I'm flattered to be asked and looking forward to being a part of it.Even just being there.


Hopefully I'll be able to see up close some great hammonds or clonewheels in action...not to mention the big names appearing including the newly reformed Daddy Cool.Well with three stages Im not sure who I'll see?


Ive left it late to post this incase it fell thru for me..didnt want to be left with mud on my face if it didnt happen...as it is my panel van is dead and wont make it which is a shame as I had intended to either take my windsurfer as Narooma is on the coast or take my privia piano incase any jamming was going on in the camping area.My mate will drive 5 hours to my place to pick me up and another six hours to the fest.


If you are attending or performing here...

make yourself known...my nick name is Rusty and my last name is very pirate like.....arghhhh me arty's.And the two together sounds like a crazy stage name,by coincidence.sorry just keeping my name anonymous on the internet.


The international artists and Aussie artists attending are below



Charlie Musselwhite & Band

Little Charlie & the Nightcats

Lee Rocker Band (Stray Cats Member)

Kelly Joe Phelps

Billy TK Jr

The Gospel Hummingbirds

Finis Tasby

Lisa Hunt Band

Kristina Olsen

Wolf Mail



Daddy Cool (Original Line up)

Wilson & Diesel

Richard Clapton

Max Merrit & the Meteors


Oxo Cubans

Jim Conways Big Wheel

The Backsliders

The Bondi Cigars

Kevin Borich Express

Rockbottom James & the Detonators

Pete Cornelius & the Devilles

The Audreys

The Brewster Brothers

Dallas Frasca

Floyd Vincent & the Childbrides

The Creepers

Andrea Marr Band

Johnny Greens Blues Cowboys

The Blues Bombers

Jan Preston

Ross Ward

Jaggers & DWit

The Fathers of Necessity

Lemon Squeezin Daddies

Vinyl Roads

Neil Graham

Day Trip to Cuba

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Well it turned out I was wanted to compare one stage on my own.Gees this was big in Aussie terms.


From the start I didnt know how my dubious health would hold out..but it did.6 hours the first night,12 hours the second day and a final 12 hours the third day.After the first 3 hours I was convinced i couldnt get through it,....tee hee.


Infact MC'ing is indeed harder than the performing Im used to.For the 2 minutes of introduction and another 2 minutes of outro for each band there is an hour and a quater in between of waiting and organising the next band for setup and the setup.


The experience was great,and I got to meet a lot of bands.My biggest excitement was meeting the Brewster Brothers[previously the Angels] and backstage with Daddy Cool [in the larger tent].

I was told my introductions had the crowd revved up and conversley this rubbed off on the bands....thank god.


I put as much intensity into this as I would my own gigs...infact the worry was greater...always trying to make sure I would say the right thing.So many egos to consider.


Saw a few keyboard players but not as many as I'd hoped.Each performed great.Keyboards seen were I x Kawai Es1,1 x electro,1 x korg xk1 organ,1 x roland f50 piano[stage supplied]1 x technics P30.


The place was packed and I enjoyed running the smaller stage which with only a capacity of 600 inside and often 10 deep outside made for a very inmtimate and atmosperic venue...


Ironically as Australia's 2 major football finals were on this weekend there was a giant TV screen set up just outside my tent for those two games.

This made for a challenge to try to entice those who found sport more interesting to come inside.

[Aussie's and thier sports?]


I think I'll be remembered for the MC who would always start his intro off with an invitation to those outside the tent to come inside.Yes most artists did pack out the tent.But it was upsetting for those who had to contend with the actual screening of the football...but needless to say they still filled the tent.


Anyway it went so well Ive been invited back next year.Now I'm thinking that my stamina is returning and I'm considering playing live again next year once the smoke is permanently removed from the clubs and my current practissing with a new duo partner will come to fruition.

This MC gig was a way to tell myself I will be able to get thru future performing.It knocked me about but I got through it.Performing is far less stressfull and less demanding than MC'ing and I now have a high regard for those who put thier sole into reving up the crowd for us when we perform.

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Ps. most of the crowd was way over 40 and very few younger people following blues although the rockabilly guys perhaps have a slightly younger crowd as the interest in rock and roll dancing does attract those younger and more flexible.

Needless to say the age group in attendence still are prepared to make the scene so blues goes on and on....but does it die when this generation gets older and cant leave thier future nursing homes.???

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Wow ! What a great line up . I would love to get over there next year and maybe even score a gig ?? I am playing at the Bridgetown Blues Fest over here next month , not quite in the same league as far as the acts go but still some great bands.
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