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Symphonic Instrument (from scratch)


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hi guys,

I'm really interested in the Symphonic Instrument from MOTU.

Is there a website that can "teach" a guy like me, with no knowledge about controlling a softsynth from a notebook...(do I have to use a sequencer to do that?),

I really know zero about...

Can I use my controller USB connection to play?

What computer gear (notebook)I must have? (in MOTU website they recommend things like "sequencer package that hosts DXi, VST, or RTAS/HTDM instrument plug-ins..." but I don't know what that is....


well, any info. resource will be great for me!



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Well you have opened a whole can of worms with these questions. Think of it like a workstation. On the surface its fairly easy to turn it on and play the sounds but to dive into and get it do the more complex stuff is going to take time, or a required learning curve.


For me, I run my softsynths through a sequencer. Much like assigning midi channels and midi in and outs, you have to set up the softsynth in the sequencer. Sequencer packages that hosts DXi, VST, or RTAS/HTDM instrument plug-ins are programs like Sonar, Cubase ect. They can also host midi for your keyboard as well.


Rather than get into the how to's and try to explain this, I recommend you do the following things.


1. Choose a sequencer program you want to work with and act as a host.


2. Do searches on the internet. There are alot of sites than have how to articles.


3. Once you get the basic down and have installed and are trying to configure things, your questions will be easier to address.


Good luck.

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