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karwai mp9000 good buy?


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First off, i know nothing about music, except what i like to listen to.


My wife on the other hand, is an avid self-taught piano player. She got a free piano years ago, and unfortunatly, we moved to a place at the end of a 4 mile rutted dirt road, so we were afraid to move it here. So i promised her i would try to find something electric as close to a real piano as possible.


So i did a lot of research and it seems the karwai mp9000/9500 was the closest i could find.


It's used, but there's not a scratch on it, and it's never been moved out of a studio. I paid $900 for it, but in my research it seemed incomparable to most other brands/models as far as having the real piano feel. We won't be moving it, unless we move.


I guess, now that it's paid for and i just have to go pick it up, i'm wondering all the things i should've wondered before i spent the money. Is it worth it? Does it really feel and sound more like a piano then others for the price?


She doesn't know yet, and i guess i'm just having a little buyers remorse, hoping she'll like it, and think i didn't get ripped. I couldn't find the 9500 anywhere, and the mp4, just a little more expensive brand new, didn't seem (from researching) to have the same piano feel.


Wish i knew more about this stuff.




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man thats great...youll both love it

no remorse...you can take it down your rutted road set it up,play it and if you move again it goes with you.And an occasiona GIG TOO.

really too heavy to enjoy moving it 3 nights a week gigging unless the wife helps.tee hee.

but not out of the question if you are still young and keen.


I too am hoping to find one,in Aussie,missed one here with Amp and stand for $1000 ,very dissapointed..would use it for studio work while i use a casio privia for gigging.Perfect combo.


give us a review when you set it up

i would be interested having never owned one.



SPAM...Im still looking for one here in Australia[sydney preferred] check my add in Garage sales.

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Thanks for the reply's! Sounds like i didn't do too bad :) ! It comes with 2 foot pedals and that was another of her requirements. She writes a lot of songs on the fly, and has never been able to record any, they're all in her head. That will be nice for her.


I'm no musician, but i'm looking forward to playing around with loops and samples and such, and maybe integrating those with her songs.


Thanks again! I guess i was just really worried because it is old technology. I'm in the IT field, so it's hard for me to buy something electronic that's more than a year old, because most things are close to obsolete by then. I'm hoping this keyboard will be useful for years. I'm guessing with it being a pretty decent midi controller, for things it can't do we should be able to midi to a pc or something, which should be fairly unlimited as to what it can do?


Thanks again,


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i reckon its probably not that much different to the current mp8...yes i have read the differences people but as far as technology goes i dought it is any different


dont forget give us your wifes impressions especially from someone who has not used digital before.She would give a fresh perspective.


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