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2 midi tracks at once


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my friend plays keytar and i have a midi guitar that we want to record simultaneously. we dont want to use the built in presets when we record, but we would like to control sounds on a computer instead of a module just so we can do more editing if one of us screws up a little bit. the midi controller i have right now has 1 midi inputs but i need to connect both the midi guitar and the keytar to the computer to control to different software instruments. if i buy a usb midi interface and hook it up will i be able to use both the midi input on the controller and the usb midi interface at the same time? pretty much what im asking is if i can use two different peices of hardware in a DAW at the same time? if i can do this, what daw supports it? or is there midi interfaces with two midi ins?
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Buy a merger or a router. Connect the two controllers to the merger or router. Set your controllers to different MIDI channels.


Connect the merger or router's output to the DAW/PC/Sequencer.



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