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NORD dealers in the UK?


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A Google search would probably give you a few options :) .


I've seen the stage in the music store below Virgin on Oxford Street (London!) - I think it's called something like Sound Control?


The Turnkey shop in Charing Cross Road do sell them but I don't know if they have them in the shop.


Andertons in Guildford sell them but again I don't know if they have them in the shop but they do have quite a well stocked keyboard deptartment which is in a separate building to the rest of the shop so you can try boards out without too much distraction/Stairway to Heaven.



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Yeah, they've got Nords at both Sound Control (Oxford Str) and Turnkey (Charing Cross Rd). Anyone know if you can try out boards at Digital Village before you buy? There's one right in my area, but these guys aren't very approachable. In fact (no kidding), when I was looking for a keyboard amp, I asked a consultant if they had any and he answered that, as far as he knew, there's no such thing - of course, he was a guitarist!
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