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Roger Waters on tour...

Sven Golly

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Not sure whether I'm happy about this or not... a small part of me was hoping that Live8 would signal a possible Floyd reunion, but the rational side of me said that wasn't going to happen so soon.


So, I guess I'm happy to see Roger touring. They've announced a September 20th show here in Toronto. They're calling the tour "The Dark Side Of The Moon" tour... wonder what that implies...


Oh, and to keep it on topic for the KC, he's got Jon Carin on keys and Harry Waters on Hammond. :thu: (Gotta love the way Jon gets the best of both worlds; first a tour with David Gilmour, then a tour with Roger... and eventually, if the reunion tour ever happens, he'll have that gig too. God, I'm jealous! ;) )


Pertinent links:


Official Roger Waters website


Official David Gilmour website

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I picked up his "Live - In The Flesh" DVD, and watched in incessantly for about 2 weeks straight. Mostly watching Carin multitask; piano, synths, orchestral parts, lap steel, 12-string, vocals... the bastard. ;)


Apparently, this tour will feature a performance of the full DSotM album, if the rumours are true. Pretty funny coincidence, considering that's what I'm doing Friday night in Connecticut ... :eek:

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Sven, great gig! (er, no pun intended). I'm doing the same thing with my band on June 30, albeit at a local club. We cover the full DSotM album in addition to some of the others. I've gotta leave tomorrow for a business trip out west (damn!) or I'd come see ya. Where else are you touring?



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Hey Barry... sorry you're heading out of town. :(


The gigs are pretty varied (both in dates/locations, as well as in the lineups for the various albums). A lot of the shows are up here in Canada, but we're regularly at The Mohegan Sun casino, as well as at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios in Orlando. Other venues are starting to come on board, but I've not gotten any confirmations from our producer yet.


Incidentally, the project is called Classic Albums Live . The schedule is online there; I'm playing on the DSotM, Animals and The Wall gigs, as well as the Ziggy Stardust (Bowie) and Moving Pictures (Rush) shows. :thu:

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My side project PINK FREUD plays DarkSide, WishYouWereHere and Animals in their entirety, as well as healthy chunks of The Wall and Meddle.


Carin has had the best of both worlds for quite a while; he was in the reformed Pink Floyd's touring band (and on the records), and Gilmour set him up with the Waters gig (check out the IN THE FLESH dvd...fantastic!).


I believe the Pink Floyd reunion will indeed happen. Gilmour was so near completion of his album, and he had to tour to promote it, and what better way to get people to come out to the show than tell them there will be NO FLOYD. The fact that all 4 guys are out there bodes well for their enthusiasm.


I saw the Gilmour show, and Carin was fantastic. I have tickets to the Waters show in September and look forward to seeing it: they're doing Dark Side in its entirety, as well as additional material (no opener, it's billed as "An Evening With...").


Highlight of the Gilmour show: ECHOES.

Hitting "Play" does NOT constitute live performance. -Me.
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A little OT, but I was doing some lunch-hour shopping at a local high-end AV retailer last year when I stumbled into a listening room that was playing the "In the Flesh" DVD on a $100K Meridian sound system and a 60" plasma display. The sound was so stunningly good that I just sat there in the store and listened for about 30 minutes (then promptly rushed out and bought the DVD). Those musicians are sickly good.


I'd love to see a Floyd reunion tour.



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