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KC 350

Edd Z

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I've not long bought the roland 300sx and have been putting it through speakers. Now i'm looking to buy an amp and am a bit unsure. I'm thinking i'll get the KC 350 and use that for awhile until ive got together some more cash from gigs to get Roland KCW-1 Powered Subwoofer. Then use them in stereo. Any comments folks?
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I have had a KC500 for sometime and was not altogether happy with it until I picked up a used KC300. I was planning to use the KC300 for practice since the KC500 is big and heavy. Then one day I hooked them up in stereo and was I impressed. I am quite happy with the sound now. I have since found a older model JBL EON 10 (not G2) that I use with the KC300 on small stages or gigs.


You will find the KC350 has better features than the KC300 including an XLR input for a mic. They jut don't have the full bass you get out of the KC500 or KC550.



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I've had my KC350 for a year now, no real complaints. I like the 4 channels and on board EQ, and the XLR ins. I don't know if it is my sound source or the amp, but it seems to be weak in the midrange on acoustic piano. For most indoor rooms, it is more than adequate. I've used it in medium-sized bars with no problem, but had to crank it way up for an outdoor firehouse fund raiser that I did with a guitar army. It made it, but had little headroom to spare. Typically, I run three outs to it. Channel 1 has a buzz though, my only disappontment so far. RCA ins on the back let you run a CD player or whatever to it. Two 350's can be linked in stereo. I think also there is an XLR out on the back. One thing I couldn't figure was that none of channel 4's 3 selectors will kill the main speaker output so phones can be used as monitors but for practice you will have to turn down the main speaker.



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Originally posted by Edd Z:

Any comments folks?

Welcome to the forum, Edd. :)


As for the Roland amps, if you do a search for "KC350", you'll find 15 threads covering this amp, as well as others in the price bracket. They've been a pretty popular topic in the past months... :thu:

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I have 2 KC-350s and their sound is very good. I have a pretty good keyboard rig and am fairly critical as far as sound quality, and for the money and weight and size, I think the KC350s are hard to beat. I especially like the stero link feature where only one audio connection connects the left channel for all your keyboards. Makes setting up a breeze.
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