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help with George Russell's book LYDIAN CHROMATIC, etc./ who has a copy?


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George Russell's The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization for Improvisation.


I have recently found an old copy of the original book, which I've been looking for for quite a while. At $30 it seemed a bargain (new editions are over $100...& even that seems to be for only Vol.1 !).

Imagine my disappointment, once I began delving into it, to discover that this copy lacks some of the originally included materials.

Specifically these:

(1)the Lydian scale chart

(2)the "slide rule"

(3) "tonal gravity chart"


I have a good knowledge of theory & can follow the subject well but it has become clear that the precise connotations of some common terms have very specific meanings in Russell's conception & are not what they mean generally.

Even his use of the term Lydian (as a blanket term for treatments of scales/modes, not just as a reference to the usual Lydian mode) is a bit of a mystery.

When he starts invoking the other items such as the "Tonal Gravity chart" to explain what he's describing it becomes clear that the actual, precise intent of his tome is dependant on knowing exactly what these items show.

If you've read the book you'll know what I mean.


I've been playing for years & know enough not to expect that this book may present me with some secret skeleton key to musical mastery any more than other approaches but as many know it's a very well respected book and I do think it may have some distinct value that, unfortunately, seems lacking without knowing the exact derivation of the explanations he offers.


I've looked at some of the online sites that deal with Russell but I'm not trying to piece things together via other's interpretations of him any more than I want to use my own knowledge to try to plug the gaps which, again, aren't in understanding theory terms but in the precise method that he is describing.


Does anyone have a copy that they'd be willing to copy the above items from & forward to me?

If so please contact me either here in the thread or via PM & I'll provide an address.


BTW, I've already looked at the previous references I could draw up through the search function.

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Not missing any pages, per se, but some materials (see above) that were originally in a pocket of the book.

I don't have a fax myself but if you have the items [(1) "Lydian scale chart"

(2) "slide rule"

(3) "Tonal Gravity chart"]

& can figure out a way to forward whatever contrivance the "slide rule" is, I will gladly arrange a number at local Kinkos...or whatever method you prefer.

Needless to say I'll also cover costs.

Watch your PM box, OK?

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I've got the scales page and the Circle of relationships between chords. You need 'em? I'll copy them and mail them to you if you want. e me your address.



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