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Hey Buddies


Help me please. I need to buy a new keyboard to me.


I'm almost going for a Yamaha S90 ES.

Any other idea? Is it the best choice?

I play Blues, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Groovy and Funky stuff. (Piano, Rhodes, Wurli and Clavinet). I need a great weighted action and 88 keys, as I'm used to piano. For hammond I have a CX-3.


Thank you!

Less is More
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Hi --


I don't know how you'll use the keyboard... I'm guessing that you play live. The S-90ES (or even an S-90) would work well - they cover the sounds you want very well. You might also want to consider the Yamaha MO8 - though its piano sound may not be as good as the S-90ES' (but that's really up to you to decide). Roland's Fantom X8 or RD-700SX might be good choices as well. I don't know if GeneralMusic keyboards are available in Brazil, but there are many here on this forum who like the ProMega a lot. The best advice is to try them out first. At this level of quality, you'll be getting a good keybaord no matter what you choose. You be the judge.


Kurzweil PC4; Yamaha P515; EV ZXA1s

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That's a really good board for what you're trying to do, yes.


Before purchasing it, try one out at a store. See if you like it. For comparison, try the Roland RD700SX, and the Kurzweil PC2x. For the music and sounds you're looking for, any of those three will be just great.


Good luck!



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Originally posted by Dave, the Rave:



What instrument do you use currently?

Hi Dave!


I had a Ensoniq Mr-76 I found almost for free. It was just ok to me. But I really prefer the real thing. An Yamaha grand would feet perfect to me but it's kind of too heavy to take to the gigs! ;)

So I'll go for the keyboard!

a Rhodes or a Wurli would be nice also.

Less is More
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