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Keyboard transpose


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My current Yamaha Motif ES does not allow me to quickly change the entire instrument keyboard transpositions. Several key presses are required in order to change the transpositions. As you have guessed Im not a good keyboard player and in a LIVE situation, also being a LEAD vocalist, having quick access to the entire instrument transpositions is a MUST. Can anyone recommend a cheap keyboard with a quick transpose button that I could use in a live situation?

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Originally posted by Sven Golly:

You can program different transpose values into individual patches; I'd suggest you do some work prior to a gig and get things set as you need them.

Translated to Yamaha terminology, all you you have to do is create a Performance. Then you can edit the voice in the performance. It is something like this [Edit][1-4] where 1-4 is the voice number in the performance. Then you will see an option for "Notes" something (I'm not at the keyboard so I don't remember). Then you can adjust it to be any number of notes off.


This is a common setting since usually you have to change octaves for keyboard splits. You can the notes to any desired note change (in semitone increments +/-). Then all you have to do is hit a performance button.


You also do not alter the individual voices.


Anyway, you'll have to search for the actual instruction (keypresses). It's in here somewhere.

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