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Roland VR-760 One-Touch Buttons Question


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Hello, everyone. I was hopeful that a current VR-760 user could answer an easy question: is it possible to store different presets under the one-touch buttons than the factory-supplied presets? I know there are 64 user memories for setups, but I want to know if I can specifically alter the one-touch settings to get (for example), an EP on the Piano one-touch button, some other drawbar registration under the Organ one-touch button, and an SRX patch under the Synth one-touch button.


Thank you!

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No you can't. Those three buttons can't be changed. That said, the 8x8's first bank is one-touch and I program the first bank with my bread and butter patches.


When you first turn it on it defaults to bank 1 patch 1. (patch 11)

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I'll add to that: when you install the expansion boards (I've installed the Ultimate Keys SRX-07 board) you can also store any of those voices in any bank, including bank one. So I can have a great horn patch (or any of more than 100 top notch sounds) ready to go!

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