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As I've mentioned earlier in this forum, the samples in Mtron sound clean and are conveniently organized, based on a time-limited demo that I tried on the Muse Receptor. I don't have firsthand experience with a real Mellotron, though I gather that the Mtron is generally respected for what it is, a software recreation of a legendary instrument.


However, listening to Mtron's samples makes one appreciate the additional effects that were used in vintage albums that enabled Mellotron sounds to realize their full glory.



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Mellotron samples are difficult to find, but I think that Tom (a.k.a. Is there gas in the car?) gave you an excellent suggestion in your other post: a Kurzweil PC2 (available also as a module) with the classic keys expansion will give you all the sounds you are looking for, including the Mellotron.

Check this link for some user reviews of the PC2R (rack mount module).

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