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Strange things happening when I refresh a page on this site.


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Strange things happening when I refresh a page on this site.

Is it my computer or is it linked to the site.

evErytime i refresh a page,or add new topic,or view a page etc a MACROMEDIA ELASH PLAYER 8

security screen jumps up asking me to accept or not.IE TO INSTALL.

I dont necessarily want to,but does this site use this and is this a free install [assuming this site is sending it out.,i dont want to visit it if its not.

It is damn annoying as everytime i change screens ive gotta click off this damn security warning.



any advice would be appreciated.

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No still happening

Its annoying the hell out of me.

getting so im losing interest in viewing as often.

I dont believe i should have to download some flash programm to enjoy my favourite forum just because some people are purhaps using some flash programm on their Avatars

am i correct in this assumption...or is it the advertisers adverts that create this problem

I cant keep flicking off everytime I refresh a page


Any solution forums end or mine

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The banners on top of the site are flash so Rabid was right.


It's a free install and it is being used more and more throughout the web so if you plan to surf a lot, I strongly suggest you install it. And if your audio recording is suffering because of flash, then I think it's time to upgrade. :)

Click here to download

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thanks bloodsample


if its a free up grade then thats fine


audio recording ...no problem

i dont use computer recording just good old sequencers and a roland VS 2480 stand alone so it wont bother any recording


besides this internet computer i have doesnt have any audio anyway as i just use it for internet

so no problem

ill download the FREE upgrade

but doesnt it piss you when you are bothered by a message telling you to upgrade...it should not be ....you should be able to turn off the message ..ie ignore flash requiremment.

thanks again for your help guys

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