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My new Triton Extreme's MOSS board came in!


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Kudos to Korg. I got a FedEx box last night with the EXB-MOSS board for my Extreme. It only took 5 weeks to get it from the time I mailed in my Rebate form.


Now then, this is my first new 61 key synth (I also have a Yamaha S08). This is what I finally got to replace my trusty old DW8000.


Anyway, as if I haven't been impressed enough with the Extreme on it's own, the new MOSS board just added to my own "Extreme" glee.


I am a bit of a programming novice, so there is a learning curve here, but so far I love what I hear.

I have found with the addition of the MOSS I can get very darn close, if not exactly on to the warm/fat sound I got from the old DW. In my mind, at least, I now have a keyboard that gives me modern and old school in one package.


So now, my live rig consists of:

Yamaha S08

Korg Triton Ex...

Emu Vintage Keys Pro rack

Behringer 16 ch mixer

Roland KC 300 for stage monitor (I pre mix and send to FOH for gigs).


I have a 2nd KC300 that I use at home for true stereo effect.


As a novice "tweaker" one thing I am really liking about the new Extreme is the ease of real time parameter changing during a performance.

I like that the screen shows me which knob is associated with which parameter. This way I can concentrate on playing rather than worrying about noodling with buttons.



As an aside, my old DW8000 is enjoying retirement life in the home "Studio." It gave me 20 years of service, with never a failure or glitch. I just got to the point where I need more capabilities than what the state of the art 20 years ago could give me. I will never get rid of it. It may be my daughter's first real synth. She's 12 now and has been playing piano for 6 years..lessons, etc...

Luckily she learns on our Steinway which we got when I was 7..about 36 years ago..yikes...





Gig Rig:Depends on the day :thu:






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the presets were terrible...
Yeah, that's for sure. I don't have any of the factory presets loaded anymore. There are hundreds of MOSS patches available online that are WAY better, plus tweaking your own is quite rewarding as well.
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