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MP8 vs P250


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Well I finally got to play the MP8 yesterday. I set up my Yamaha P250 next to it to compare.

My conclusion....The MP8 has heaps of bells and whistles....256 sounds and user presets, 4 zones, 192 polyphony etc etc, but it does not come close to the P250 in terms of playability, and the all important "feel". Soundwise I found the P250 better also, but this is not so important as I mainly use Gigastudio PMI Emperor as my piano "go to"


The most annoying thing to me was this quite loud "thud" when the note hits the keyboard bed. ...most annoying. Also the key return was slower than the P250, and seemed quite sluggish. It did not take me long at all to decide against replacing my P250 with it.

I just wish the Yamaha would have the midi controller features the MP8 did, but I am sure Yamaha will eventually update the P250

Only my opinion of course, but the P250 is the ultimate :-)



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I share your feelings toward the P250. I don't ever use MIDI, so that's not an issue with me. I'd probably be gigging with a P250 right now (along with my Electro) if that friggin' thing didn't weigh 1000 pounds. For the moment I'll keep with my P90, which doesn't sound quite as good, but saves me loads on chiropracter bills. :)
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