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Fantom XR vs Motif ES


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I am looking for a new module and I think I have narrowed the search down to 2, the Roland Fantom XR and Yamaha Motif ES. I would like some good strings, a good FM Rhodes ( ala DX7 ) and in general, good musical sounds for a variety type band ( no heavy metal or hard rock). I have a VK-8M, so organs are not important at all. Probably never going to use the sampling function either. Anyone have any input on these two racks?
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I'd suggest that it is a matter of personal preferences. They are both high quality general purpose modules. I ran a search and found some other comparison threads that discuss them. You might want to also.


My personal preference? ...


If I was looking for out-of-the-box sounds I'd consider the Motif as it comes with a great deal of Rom and the sounds seem very clear and precise. The Roland on the other hand has a number of patches that are over-effected and would need tweaking to work for me. Also, some of the better rom sound in the Roland require the Rom expansions and that can be an additional issue. I like the strings (especially warm, analog-ish strings) on the Rolands, I love the electric pianos (FM, rhodes, Wurlie) on the Yammie.


However, I know my way around the Roland architecture, so if I was programming ...



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Bob, both are very good and have strengths and weaknesses


did you test drive either and get a sense of what it would take to contro, from your midi controller ?

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Well I picked up the Motif yesterday, after playing the Motif and the Fantom. I just liked the sounds as they were without alot of effects tweaking that would be needed on the Fantom, which someone has already commented on. Hardest job now, is figuring out which sounds I am going to use on a live gig, as I like so many of them. I haven't even bought the piano expansion card yet, and I pretty happy with the EP's already...


They have something that you can set up called " Favorite Sounds", which makes it easier to find stuff quickly when playing live. Can't way to try it on an upcoming gig..

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