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interfacing to a Leslie

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Hi, I've recently acquired a Leslie 125 (145 with no top rotor and a smaller amp) but have no way of plugging into it. I'd like to build my own interface box, seeing as I already have a preamp and everything, just basically a 1/4" (or xlr) input and 117v in and 6 pin leslie out. I was able to get a pin out from the Hammond and Leslie models site which is:


  • Pin 1 - Ground
  • Pin 2 - 117VAC to relay solenoid
  • Pin 3 - 117VAC input
  • Pin 4 - 117VAC input
  • Pin 5 - 117VAC to relay solenoid
  • Pin 6 - unbalanced input signal

I was able to figure out everything except pins 2&5, I think these control the tremolo and chorale but I don't know how... is it just a switch shorting that pin to 117v? Please help me out here.


Thanks, Mike.

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I have made my own pedal switch. The purpose of pins 2 and 5 is to apply A/C to a relay. What you want to do is bridge pins 4/5 (I did this in the Leslie 6-pin plug) for one side of the A/C and then put your Leslie chorale/tremolo switch between pins 2 and 3. Voila, you will have speed switching!


But remember, the signal applied to pins 1 and 6 needs to be fairly hot. An organ provides about 2 volts P-P signal, versus about 1 volt for an aux level signal. You'll need a preamp.

Hammond T-582A, Casio WK6600, Behringer D
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Awesome! Thanks, I've already got a nice tube pre-amp that will fit the job quite nicely. I just didnt want to have to go out and hunt for one of those Leslie combo pre-amps or spend the $300-ish on the trek II one. I'll let you guys know how it works out when I've got it all done.
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