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help on s90es settings please !


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how do i get to the menu,

where i can adjust the

following settings:







please tell in little easy steps,

for i am totally new to

the s90es' interface,

and i don't have one at home

and wanna check out something

in the store ^^


thanks in advance,





on the rd700sx is there any similar feature to

the 16 voice smf player ?

i mean i can playback midi files,

but can i also make certain voices

to be quiet like on the s90es ?

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Also, the manual is available in pdf form at yamahasynth.com. I downloaded and did a lot of reading before I decided to get one. I never played it until it got to my house. I went to a local store that had a Motif and played that, then took my chances. Did the same thing with my Electro, I'm brave that way!

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