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RD700 split/layer question

stoo schultz

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Does anybody know of a way to split the RD700 keyboard so that the lower end is a layer of two sounds, and the upper one (different) sound? It seems to me that the layering works only two ways: across the entire keyboard or on the upper part of the split only. There could be something in the bowels of the edit screens that I'm missing tho . . . .
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I have the RD700SX, so maybe it's different.


Select a setup e.g. RD SETUP.

Right cursor once to the TONE screen

Press ZONE INFO button

Right cursor till you get to the screen that shows TRA LWR UPR etc.

Assign any of the four tones to whatever key range you desire in the LWR UPR settings.

Write the Setup



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By setting the key range for the UP1 and UP2 parts to the lower end of the keyboard and the LWR to the upper end it is absolutely possible.


Setting the key range makes it also possible to create 2 splits.

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EdMusic and Busch, THANKS! you're right on the money.


On the RD700, here's how you do it: hit the Edit button, go to Local Part/Key Range, and just hold down the lower and upper key of the range that you want for each of the parts. Works beautifully. And you can set two splits that way also, as Ed points out.


It looks like the SX does things differently, with a ZONE variable, which doesn't seem to exist on the RD700.

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