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Loading VST in Reaktor 4

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Okay, borrowed a laptop from a friend of a friend who is into all sorts of weird electronic stuff, and he reccomended that I play with a program he has called Reaktor. Reaktor is quite badass, but I was wondering if I could load some VSTs that I downloaded. (specifically Peach from Tweakbench.com) If not, what program do I need to be using to do such? I can't access the online help as you need to be registered etc, which I'm not, since it ain't mine.


Anyway, hopefully you can help me out with this, as fun as reaktor is, I'm getting a bit frustrated by this.

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you gotta ask to know.


if you go to




you can probably come up with a freeware/shareware host, but i'd recommend spending a couple bucks on something like one of the 'light' versions of cubase.


it comes with some vsti's, you can find tons of good vsti's for it (free and commercial), and if you find that you like it, there's a good upgrade path available.

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