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Muse Receptor

mate stubb

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I figured that since this came up recently on CloneWheel, it deserved its own topic here - I haven't seen any mention of it here which surprises me.


I haven't seen it in person but it looks impressive - Tony, please chime in!


It's a dedicated hardware player for VSTi built for live use:


Muse Receptor




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I bought a Receptor last year, when it first came out. At that time, I posted my first impressions , and my opinions from then still hold. It's a well-designed, well-built box, and I recommend it.


It seems to be catching on, and I think a Receptor that you buy today will be useful for quite a few years, even as the speed of its processor is eclipsed by faster computers. Since it's dedicated to playing audio, and powerful enough for running current-generation VSTs, I think it will be desirable and useful for quite a few years.


The downside about it, I've always felt, is that it's not strictly a universal VST player. Not all VSTs are officially supported on it. Still, there's a large list of unsupported plugins that work on it.


There's a useful Receptor forum , which is moderated by some of the folks at Muse Research (and in fact, I believe the entire website is owned by Muse). Among other things, it contains a list of unsupported plug-ins.


Hope this helps.



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