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Software Synths & Keyboard Lag


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When I'm playing the instruments in Reason Adapted that came with M-Audio 2496 interface card there is a lag between the time I hit the note on my keyboard and the sound from the program. I believe maybe I've heard that I need to be running an additional program called Midi-Yolk? I hate to have to load any more programs than neccesary. I'm considering purchasing M-Audio's Key Rig but I fear I'll have the same lag problem.

The basics of my system include Roland XP-30 keyboard attached to 3GHz P4 with M-audio 2496 midi primarily running Sonar 2. Hopefully there is a common answer to this question if someone willing to help, thanks.

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You're not alone! Nothing with computers just plugs in and works. Keep that in mind.


It's a good idea to post this question, but I'll bet money the people whom you gave money to aren't answering your question. So, people here need to answer it for free.


You may need to pour through your manuals and read up on latency. I can't help as I avoid using computers for things they weren't designed for.


Good luck.

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I'm finding I have to time shift softsynth tracks in Acid 5. It's kind of a pain. I don't remember having to do so on my (much slower) old PC running Acid 4...

I played in an 8 piece horn band. We would often get bored. So...three words:

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