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What the hell is this all about?

Michael Jones

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True science, from the Latin word for "knowledge" and true religion, from the Latin "religio", meaning "I connect back," are one and the same.


Ray is not mad. He's simply falling for the old canard and stumbling stone of mankind: Deus ex machina. Whereas the ultimate truth is: Homo (machina) deus est. There is ample evidence to that effect in the article.


The history of physical sojourns repeats itself. We are living in the Atlantean epoch once again. But this time, anyone with eyes that see can recognise evidence of the evolutionary shift that is taking place in homo sapiens in our time.


I speak not of the cartoonish prognostications of false christians, but of man reconnecting to his true being. The source is the essence of all.

"To Do Is To Be." --Socrates

"To Be Is To Do." --Sartre

"Do Be Do Be Do." --Sinatra

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Originally posted by Silver Dragon Sound:

I read his book a few years baCk and it shed some light on this. Its a decent read and will give you som einsight into him but also Kurweil the company as well. It may also explain why vast is so difficult to use.

That, sir, is funny :D



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