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Kawai digital pianos and Yamaha P pianos


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Hi everyone

I have tried searching the forums for some answers...it's another subjective 'what are they like to play' question.....


I've wanted a digital piano for a while now......I tested a Kawai MP8 recently - very impressive - bit too much money for me. There are so many models now it's a bit overwhelming trying to fathom it out. I want something with speakers in it...


Has anyone any opinion on the Kawai CL20 digital piano ( or the ES series ). I haven't tried these out...I did try the Yamaha P series....I see a P140 is coming out soon........I wondered how the 'lower end' Kawai's rate against the Yamaha P's - Kawai are also releasing a new 'ES4' - any opinions would be most appreciated.

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The array of 6 speakers with "Bass-Reflection-System" looks interesting. Sounds like a Bose set up. I wonder if each speaker is angled a little differently like Bose does. Still waiting to play one.



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I have not tried Kawai digital pianos. However, I looked at the specs for the CL-20 and four Yamaha P series models "might" be good alternatives (P60, P120, P250, and the new P140) depending on your needs and use of your piano. However, if Forum members knew your price range and the primary use of your new keyboard, better advice could be provided.
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