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quick stupid question about the Motif ES8....


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ok,.. this is probably gonna be a stupid question,..but seens how i dont own the motif I dont know the answer for sure...


Im told that Yamaha's triple strike piano comes on a cd with the Motif... my question is: can you only access this sample from the cd in the computer OR<.. can this sample be permanatly loaded into the Motif, freeing you of the computer ????


it just seems a bit inconvienent if you can only get the good piano when your hooked to a computer.... kind of defeats the portabiity aspect of a portable keyboard....



.....i currently have the Roland Rd700sx and am thinking about selling and replacing it with the ES8 .... the piano sound is of course a concern...


with that thought in mind im also just thinking about keeping the 700sx until the "next" Motif comes out and doing the swap then..... assuming of course it will be much improved especially the piano....


what would be thoughts on that ??




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thanks but,


im not sure if either you didnt understand my question, or if maybe i didnt explain it right or.. if maybe im just mis-informed


im under impression that there is a piano sample that comes with the ES8 that is NOT IN the Es8 itself, but rather a sample on a CD... i was just wondering if you had to use the cd and software EVERYTIME you wanted that piano sound ???



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You need to put dimm memory into the ES first. Then load the samples from the supplied disk to some sort of storage device, USB drive or smartmedia. Then each time you fire up the ES you reload the samples from your storage device into your internal memory.

I think the preset piano used in the Full Grand patch is better sounding, with some EQ tweaking,

than the samples on the supplied disk.

The ES as an all around sound source and sequencer is excellent. Do check for 'The Hum' though. I'm not sure if they have addressed that in the newer versions or not.

Hope that helps.



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I believe the triple strike piano CD you are referring to is based on the same S700 piano found in the original S90. The biggest complaint of this piano is that there are very noticable velocity break points. The original piano obviously had a very wide tonal range and probably needed 10+ velocity break points rather than three.


Many people consider the standard samples found in the MotifES to be superior to those in the S90 (or those found on the CD). One reason is that the break points are far less noticable. The MotifES samples are taken from the P-series Yamaha pianos.


In contrast, with the RD700SX both the Superior Grand and X Ultimate use four velocity break points, plus with both pianos each note was sampled (Yamaha will take the same sample and use it on several adjacent notes). Additionally, the RD700SX has two specialized acoustic pianos effects. The first provides damper & string resonance emulation while the second emulates the piano lid position, mic type and position and ambeince. The RD700SX allows for half pedaling as well.


Do I think you'll find the Motif pianos to be superior to the RD700SX? NO. And I own the S90, MotifES8 and RD700SX.



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yes i agree,... i spent some time on the motif ES8 yesterday, I didnt expect the Motif piano to be superior to the 700sx i was just seeing if maybe i could "live" with it, but after having the 700sx piano, theres no way i can drop "down" to the Motif piano...


Maybe the "next" motif series will have a piano equal to or better then the 700sx which you would think that would be Yamaha's goal


I didnt know the ES8 piano was the P series piano though....thats news to me,.. although it would make sense...


I also spent a little time messing with the Fantom X and i can see why the "non" Yamaha people like it so much... its laid out pretty cool, easier to navigate then the motif...and the pads are a very nice touch.... it wouldnt suprise me if the next motif had pads as well...., what the Motif ES8 does have over the fantom though is the soundset.... definatly superior to the Fantom.... put the ES8 sound set into the Fantom and youd have quite a set of keys...


Ive generally always been a Yamaha fan.... but im starting to think Roland is starting to come up.... Roland just has to improve its soundset (other then its piano - which finally has given yamaha a run for its money) ...


i have to say to that theres a little local store that sells roland pianos acustic and digital..(non-portable) and i have to say there digitals (the big $5 grand and up range) sound pretty dam good....


ohhh and just for fun i messed with the 300sx again..and i have to say, even though the keys are light and spongy... i actually sorta like em,.. it almost seems like my playing ability improves a few notches on that board.... very easy to play... very fast.... but "good" fast... its NOT like a "radio-shack" toy keyboard..


and,.... i think even the 300sx piano sounds much better then the Motif ES8

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Do you need the Sequener or the Sampler on the Motif ES? If not,the S90ES would be the ticket. If it's primarily the MOTIF ES sample set you're after, and an improved piano sample over the Motif ES, the S90ES scores again. Yamaha put a more up to date sample on the S90ES than is on the Motif ES.


It's also less expensive than the Motif ES. I chose the Motif ES8 because I wanted the sequencer and MAYBE the occasional use of the Sampler. Otherwise, you can save a hunk of change$$$.



Mike T.

Yamaha Motif ES8, Alesis Ion, Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, 1979 Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 73 Piano, Arp Odyssey Md III, Roland R-70 Drum Machine, Digitech Vocalist Live Pro. Roland Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1.


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well,..everything i guess,...id like a an improved non-piano soundset over the 700sx with the sequencer and sampler ,... (i thought i didnt want it when i bought the 700sx) i dont need it today or tommorow,..but down the road i would like it,. i still have lots of practicing on piano to do... and from what ive seen the 700sx is pretty much the best for piano and action if ya ask me...


i think im probably more aiming for the "next" motif that comes out... i have a feeling its gonna try and compete with the fantom x and the 700sx which should make it quite the dream machine... also, i have a feeling it will be sooner than later....


i was at GC and they had there ES8 marked "on sale" at like $2300 and change ***SUPER CHEAP***,... i think there trying to get rid of them because they know the "next" motif is comming soon...


one question though,..how does the S90ES new piano compare to the 700sx... ????



ya know what would be good is if a NEW keyboard company came out and made a set of keys with all the best features from all the top boards and put them into one... and of course being its a no name company it should be very affordable...


also it would be nice if Roland came out with a NEW SRX card with a soundset competing with the Yamaha ES series.... id probably buy that in a minute....



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The S90ES piano sound is a noticable improvement over the Motif ES piano. All I can say about the piano sound on the S90ES is it sounds different than the RD700sx. The Roland sounds more "aggressive". It depends on what you like. I think both are quality instruments.


I've seen some Motif ES8's on Ebay recently too. I think what happens is some players get frustrated with them. It's not the most user friendly instrument on the market. But it's like anything else, if you work with it awhile, the user interface starts to make sense. It could also be that a lot of players don't use the sequencer and the sampler and decide to go a different route. Who knows.


I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the vast number of great sounds on the Motif ES. Every Rhodes sound ever made, and every category of instruments has sounds you can use. So far, I haven't used the sampler, but I will as soon as I get some $$$ to buy memory and some sample libraries. The only thing I want for it are strings without vibrato as the factory strings have. Vibrato that I can add with a pitch wheel is better for string quartet arrangements. So far, I haven't had a burning desire to run out and buy samples, but I will at some point.


As far as GC having a bargain basement price on the current Motif ES, it could be they have a number of them in inventory and want to move them on down the road. I doubt that Yamaha will introduce a new model just yet.


If you can afford to wait, hold off until after Winter NAMM. I don't know if Yamaha will introduce a new model Motif ES. Maybe they will update the current one. In the mean time, you have a nice instrument in the RD700SX, play it and see what comes out next.



Mike T.

Yamaha Motif ES8, Alesis Ion, Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, 1979 Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 73 Piano, Arp Odyssey Md III, Roland R-70 Drum Machine, Digitech Vocalist Live Pro. Roland Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1.


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ya that is my current plan, i have no immediate need to upgrade.... for practicing piano the 700sx is definatly among the best to have... after messing with the ES8 at GC for awhile ,. i was happy to hear my 700sx when i got home...


although one of these days i want to pick up a fairly cheap real acustic to mess around on....

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