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Recording on stage piano


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I see that most stage pianos have the ability to record and playback but there seems to be no way to save that recording outside of the piano for later reloading.


For example, I want to build a repetoire of duet parts that I can play along with and load these into the piano as required.


Logically, it seems that the following should be possible but I haven't been able to establish whether it is or not:


1: Record the part on the piano.

2: Play the recording and save on computer via midi out.

3: ... do lots of other things with the piano memory ....

4: Play the part from the computer with the piano connected via midi with the piano in recording mode (to put it back in the piano memory).


Will this work?


Forgive my lack of knowledge on this subject. I haven't yet purchased my keyboard and have another thread going for advice on that subject.

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Yes. In fact, you can skip the "record on the piano" step and record straight to the computer, where editing will be at least a little better, or maybe a lot, depending on the software you use. But it will work the way you describe as well. you'll need midi i/o for your computer, of course.



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