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What keyboard?

Woods Palmer

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I just want one box. It Must have great piano w/ weighted action and touch sensitive sounds that vary in loudness the harder they're hit.


It must have rhodes tone and must have Hammond B3 sound.


Should have other contemporary synth sounds as well.


Say around a thousand second hand.



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Originally posted by nolights:

Those are great boards (the RD-700 seems to have some keyboard reliability probs, though). I'll add another: the Yamaha S-80.

The Kurzweils are nice boards. I was playing a heavilly used RD700 a week ago and the action was spongy and a little slow. So I think I would avoid that board second hand.


I still love my original QS8. Its not the lightest action in the world, which for some of us is an advantage. You need to tweak the pianos for stage use but if you do it works well.


A bpard I have always like the sound of live is the Roland A90x. Unfortunately these seem to be going for more tha a grand used.

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