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Roland RD600: How to transmit channel volume messages when selecting a setup?

Alexander Nagel

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I'm using the RD600 to control external devices. I'd like to know if (and how) it's possible to transmit CHANNEL VOLUME controller messages when selecting a "setup" - right now, only program change and bank change messages are being transmitted. I checked that using a midi-monitoring software on my PC.


According to the manual, volume settings for each "local part" are being *stored* in a "setup". So why aren't they being *transmitted* via midi out when I select a setup? (But they *are* transmitted when moving the lower/upper "tx"-faders)


So is it simply not possible? Or am I doing something wrong?


Any RD600 users out there?


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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I have an Rd 700, I think you have the same features:


when you are in ' setup ', press the midi tx button


You will see column headings for 'Ch' , 'Msg' , 'Lsb' .


Press the right arrow button and you will see ' volume'

The default setting is 127 . You can decrease that volume level.


To save on your Rd, press write and follow the steps on the LCD

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Thanks for your reply, but the RD600's user interface is totally different than the one of the RD700.


I've checked every single option but haven't found anything to set a volume level - other than using the faders - but unfortunately their position is obviously NOT being stored into a "setup", and thus not being transmitted when selecting a "setup".

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