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Night Wish

Rod S

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Anyone dig these guys?


Back in April, I was called to play with a few guys who said their style was "Melodic Metal" (translation from Portuguese, I have no idea what the genre is in English).


I honestly didn't fit in with the guys, but some of the stuff they listened was interesting enough to warrant further listening.


So one of the bands they mentioned was Night Wish. I started listening again this weekend to it, and I'm digging a lot of their stuff.


So the question - Any other bands that you guys recommend in this style? The other band they dug was called Epica, which is more in the Goth metal, which I didn't dig too much, although I thought it was kind of cool, and different.

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well there are more bands who have a similar style, but of course every band has his own thing. I have to say that I like nightwish the most of bands in that genre. But maybe you can listen to After Forever. Can't think of anything else on the moment, when something comes to mind, I will tell you.




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Yeah, Nightwish is really great! I actually live quite near where they come from here in Finland, so I've been listening to them for years. I really recommend you to buy their latest cd, "Once"... great songs and some huge orchestral stuff.


They perform in my hometown next month... can't wait for it. :)

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Hi there. You might want to check out Green Carnation.

I used to play keys there and did a coupla albums with them (I quit before the DVD, so no live posing from me there:)). Its sort of a blend of Night Wish/progmetal and Deep Purple (lotsa hammond curtesy of the Nord electro2) :)

I`d recomend the album "A Blessing in Disguise"


have a great one, loko


Oh btw, heres their website http://www.green-carnation.tk/

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