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Does anyone here use in-ear monitor systems?

Andre Lower

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I've been pondering what is the bottle-neck of my performance as far as gear is concerned, and looks like it is the usually poor monitor sound I am used to have... Both my singing and my playing are compromised by the quality of the monitor I happen to get on any particular gig or rehearsal, and perhaps it is time to do something about it.


For what I've read around, Ultimate Ears makes the best system, but I do not have any experience with such things. Does anyone?


I better be sure about my decision, because the ear-phones are custom made and cost 500 bucks :eek: ...

"I'm ready to sing to the world. If you back me up". (Lennon to his bandmates, in an inspired definition of what it's all about).
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This topic comes up every now and again. I've actually considered getting IEMs, but there is the cost of admission and the headache of ensuring that the gigs will have the right hookup to support you every time. I did some searches on this forum and you may want to check out these previous threads for starters:


In Ear Monitors


In Ear Monitors, Take 2


There are others out there...just use the search feature and you'll find lots of good stuff.




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