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why M-Audio


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hi, i am new to this forum so i'd like to start off with a couple of silly questions...


first of all...the casio 88-note electric piano is just USD499. i saw another post with m-audio controller with the same price...


why cant we just use this casio electric piano as a controller thru MIDI. In this wasy...we not only have a dedicated Electric piano but we also have a MIDI controller...right??


so that makes it a great choice. Also we cannot use M-Audio as a standalone in performances because they need a tone-generator.


please correct me if i'm wrong. :-)

Dont follow me....i'm lost too....
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I saw one of those Casio PX100 in a music store recently. This store sells mostly old vintage stuff, so I had assumed it was an old model, didn't realize it was a current item.


It wasn't half-bad, really, although I only played it for a few minutes, and wasn't seriously checking it out. Similar to (but probably not quite as good as) Yamaha P80 or P90. I only heard it through its on-board speakers. $499 seems like a very cheap price.


Anyway, the MAudio controller is a whole different ball game, with many more midi-controller-related features. Apples and oranges. About the only MIDI signals you could send with that Casio would be note on/off, velocity, and sustain on/off. If that's all you need, then it might be ok for you.

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