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Speakeasy Vintage Pre-Amps


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I am looking into to getting a speakeasy vintage tube pre. I want to email them or call to ask about putting another set of outputs on a stereo keyboard tube pre, but I can't find any contact info on their site. Does anyone know of way of getting in touch with them?



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Any comments from current Speakeasy users on how that pre works with VAs and ROMplers? My digital gear is starting to sound a bit thin/cold along side my analog gear. Maybe it is just in my head...

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Originally posted by Linwood:


Andy is very nice but he would steer you over to Steve Hayes for any technical discussion including specific options.


Call Steve Hayes 717 292-0814.


BTW I just received the Caribbean Leslie motor speed control from him this weekend and installed it in my 122. No more slow motors(noise) to worry about. Cool :thu:

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