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Absynth 2 in Logic - Cannot edit presets!!

Dan South

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The Absynth manual indicates that if you click on buttons labeled Patch, Envelopes, etc. that editor pages should open. With Absynth 2 running under Logic 6.4.2, the buttons do nothing.


Hmm, Logic's fault? NI's fault? The "virtual studio" is going to give me a not-so-virtual heart attack.

The Black Knight always triumphs!


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Here's a response from the developer of Absynth, posted on the Yahoo! Absynth list :


From:  Brian Clevinger

Date:  Fri Jun 4, 2004  4:06 am

Subject:  Re: [Absynth] Edit windows don't open


In your preferences folder there should be a folder called "Absynth"

and it should have an alias to Absynth Edit. The alias must have the

exact same name as the original Absynth Edit file, i.e. "Absynth Edit

2.05". Maybe there's been a change in your configuration or something?


You can also launch Absynth Edit manually, but this shouldn't be necessary.





>Suddenly I open an instance of Ab2 and the edit windows don't open.

>Have I somehow trashed something by accident? It worked before but not

>now. I can boot up the straight App the edit windows open? HMM??



>logic 6.4.1


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