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Is the Studiologic TMK-88 a good controller?


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It depends on what you want to do with it. If you want a good piano-like keyboard, this is not your choice, because it only has semi-weighted keys. If want many controllers and midi-functions, you will find that it is very limited.

But if you want a simple controller for a good price, this one is okay, I think. I don't know if it is reliable. I had a Studiologic SL880 and it had to be repaired three times, and I gave it back after 6 Months of using it, because it was not reliable at all. But maybe I was unlucky in this case

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I just got a TMK a week ago just for the simple price and wanting a realistic piano feel. First of all, it would not power on, and after felling the keys found them much too light. Of course this is what many people want. In addition, it is a good deal for an 88key. Living in the Virgin Islands with no repair store around I took the thing apart and found the problem, it looks like the store sent me a used board that had burned out capacitors, maybe not the manufactures problem. However, Studiologics support department was rude and treated me as an outsider. Just my two cents, I think support and relations is an important factor in choosing an expensive bit of equipment. I am now saving up for the P90 or 120 and getting a simple board to play for now. Good luck.


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