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Yamaha motif es6 OR s90


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Does anyone have a favorite?


I am pondering on which one to purchase. I like the fact that the S90 has the full 88 keys at the same price as the es6; but will I miss any of the extra sounds that the es6 has?


I'm not much of a keyboard player, just enough to make some r&b/rap songs to pay the bills. So trying to figure out if the 88-keys is for me is the question since I have an MPC 60II for sequencing. Please post your comments.


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Originally posted by Jeebus:

Get the ES6 and a usedcheap 88 note controller.

Exactly. My ES sits on top of a cheap StudioLogic SL-880. I get 88 keys when I want them, and a portable unit that can easily be moved. You will also appreciate the patterns in the ES.



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Originally posted by Linwood:

Your only other choice is to get the S90 and wait for the es rack. I do love the feel of the S90.

I don't really see the point in this. Not only is it more expensive, it also has a lot of sound overlap since the ES rack covers all of the S90 sounds, only better.
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I went through a similar thought process when the ES series was introduced. I was accustomed to using a piano-style keyboard and a Hammond organ clone for gigs. I did not want the size and weight of the ES8, so I got the ES7 and tried to use it as a replacement for my digital piano (RD600). Well, I was not real happy with the synth keys and found that the ES had a number of features that I did not really need (sequencer and sampling).


The ES sounds and 128 voice polyphony were killer, but I found that the S90 had the lion's share of the sounds, weighted keys, less expensive and much smaller than the ES8. So I ultimately swapped my ES7 for an S90, got $400 back and as a bonus, the S90 was the same size as my RD600...so I was able to use the same flight case.


So if you think you want the sequencing and sampling features, go for an ES. It is not that much more to step up to the ES8. If you just want a good gigging keyboard with 88 weighted keys and you don't need the ES bells and whistles, then you should check out the S90. It's keeping me plenty happy!




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