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Kurzweil and 'Acidized' .wav


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I have a commission to write and record a few musical interludes with a looped 'industrial' feel. Now, I could make the sounds myself, but I'm also curious to check what's out there in terms of commercial samples/loops (I'm fairly new to this field). I've found a few that could be of interest, but they are offered in 'Acidized' .wav format.


I've always read .wav files with my Kurzweil K2000RS v 3.87 with no problem - but what about 'Acidized'? I don't use Acid, so I'm not aware of the possible differences or incompatibilties.

The samples are rather expensive when purchased from Europe (shipping, taxes), so I'd like to stay on the safe side.


(Yeah, I know I could go thru some computer program and resave them as regular .wav, but I'd prefer to have direct compatibility).


Can 'Acidized' .wav files be read by the K2 series?


Does George, or anyone else, know the truth? :D


Thanks a lot in advance! :)



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Acid loop files are just wave files with enbedded information about tempo and key. If your Kurzweil will load wave files, it will load the loop files that come in an Acid loops collection. I will not, however, load the key and tempo information. Those will play as default so you will have to revert back to sampler tricks to change tempo or key. You can always check out one of the cheap Acid type products. If you want I can send you an email with a demo acid wav file attached. Just send me a PM with your address.



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Thanks again everybody. Robert sent me a few 'Acidized' .wav files, and they load perfectly into the Kurz in their original form - no need for conversions.

I'm so used to the Kurzweil, I'm faster mangling samples with it, rather than with software (hard to believe, but it's true :) ). In fact, I'm re-thinking the whole thing, if maybe wouldn't it be easier for me to make my own loops using VAST... ;)

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