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How much polyphony do you think....

Dr Teeth

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I forgot about reasonable sustain. You're going to need more than 10 notes if you intend on sustaining anykind of arpeggios or ascending/descending cresendos.


You're going to need 64 voice polyphony.



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Many piano patches take at least two voices, and some up to 4 to create a sound. My favorite Roland piano (nice piano) uses four voices per note. That drops my XV5080 from 128 to 32 note polyphony. When using GigaStudio the patch I like uses two voices per note. I frequently run the count up into the 70's without trying. If it were limited to 64 note then I would be stealing voices. So, at the least I would get something with 64 note polyphony for piano, and try for 128.



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Always try to consider real polyphony, not "number of oscillators" in a synth or workstation. As Robert said, a sound could use more than one. In digital pianos, usually you're dealing with real poly.

Anyway, it depends on what type of pianist you are. 24 notes of real polyphony can be enough for a Mozart sonata, but maybe not for Brahms rhapsodies! It also depend on the voice-stealing algorhythm. With the Kurz Micropiano (32 poly) I never had a problem with note stealing. It has a very clever method of keeping the bass notes, for example.



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