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What would U do if U would lose your REAL instruments?


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Yesterday I discovered how important it is to take care of the instruments that really do the trick, I mean the hands. Because of an untactic move, and a ridiculously placed door knob, I severily bruised my middle finger of my left hand and can't play for a week! :cry: Boohoohoo!

It's okay, it will heal but what would you do if things where going completely wrong? What would you do if because of an accident you break your wrist or the bones in your hand? I don't wanna think about it because music is my life and there are more important things in this world. The best would be to look at some other interests and go further with those, IMO. Has anybody ever thought of the fact that these things could happen? Okay, I'll stop it now and better think positive... I have a week off! :D



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I broke a wrist as a kid, and I couldn't play for two or three months. It was pure torture! If it happened today, I'm afraid it would be even worse.

A student of mine, a girl, recently broke BOTH her wrists in a motorcycle accident - she's under severe shock. Just imagine depending on others for every thing of your daily life. Not being able to play suddenly seems less important.

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Watched Emeril pull things out of the oven using a folded dish-towel. Works great - when the towel is dry. Used a wet one once, and the water superheated halfway between the oven and the counter and I burned my right, middle-finger. It was blistered and sore for 2 weeks.


Don't ever use a wet towel to hold something hot



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