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Korg - i X 300


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Hi!, I have a Korg iX300 keyboard, is not the synth of my dreams but I love it and it flexibility.

I'm always looking for new and better sounds, but I don't have much more to do.

So I bougth PRO-REC discs for my iX300, it sucks...,not even a good lead sound, nothing.

So... I began to program myself , but I'm in a point that is too hard to progress, I can make many similar lead sonds, but only similar..., my main problem is that in every distorted lead sound appears a tac-tac, or a tuc-tuc betwen the notes, so I can't have a smooth sound like Jens Johansson.

Another thing is that I can only use two effects per sound, and every good lead sound that we hear have a little bit of dist, flanger, phaser, many effects that unite to form one.

I think I need an extra effects box, some guy told me that the iX300 dist really sucks...and that I think is my main problem.

So, any Korg i-series expert, or even some new idea will help me.

Please don't tell me to buy another gear, I really can't affort one right now :-(

Thanks !!!

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Hello IX300 user !

I believe you can layer two sounds at a time with the IX300 . You may add a little bit more "cut" to your lead parts if you double up the same sound . If the 2nd voice is assignable to a seperate octave ,

you may want to try that as well . An example would be .........take a synth lead sound and assign that same lead sound at another octave . This would add some thickness to your sound .

Also ........over at synthzone.com there is a forum for ARRANGER KEYBOARDS . You may find some help at this site ! Good Luck ! dano

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