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A Midi Controller Keyboard smaller than the Oxygen 8, ????? .... anyone


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not the Yamaha Qy70, hopefully that has usb? even if it does'nt as long as it has a midi out i'd like to hear about it, the oxygen 8 is cool, and i have one but i'd like to get one that is just a little bit smaller to go along with my laptop and reason, which the oxy 8 does great but i want something even smaller.
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How small do you need to go? :)


I remember PAIA used to have something that was only one octave + 1 key long... don't know if they still have it.

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Yamaha has a couple of midi mini-key velo-sens keyboards.


PAiA is a company that makes modular kits. pretty cool stuff- they even offer ready-to-build kits for Craig's "Electronic Projects..." book.


i think what you really want is a 2 or 3 octave mini midi velo-sens keyboard with 8 mpc-style pads, 4 CC knobs, transport controls, and usb for $300, right?


let me know when someone makes one :(:D

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