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Neuron - Neuronal Synth


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Originally posted by felix:

Saw this new synth this morning - looks interesting, but I'd love to see/hear it in action. Guess it's being shown at NAMM.




Nice to see something off the beaten track...


I think Jurgen Michaelis has (or had) an artical on neuronal synthesis on his website . . .




For those 'do-it-yourself'ers . . .

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I wnat one! I'd take this over the Voyager anyday :P



Subject: [user-forum] OT: Hartmann Neuron



I just got back home from a few days at NAMM, and saw

that a few people wanted more info on the Neuron.


Admittedly, when I first heard the synth from the next

booth I wasn't impressed. They were playing the same

patch constantly and it sounded like a

Karma/groovebox style box. I stopped by later in the

afternoon after Wolfram told me the horror story of

the shipping incident and that I really should take

another look.


I went and spent some time with the (I believe)

product manager, who gave me a run-through of the

engine. Imagine two VL1M physical modelling synths

as its oscillators, but with the ability to modulate

nearly any parameter in these models in real-time.

The 10GB drive isn't used for samples - it's used

to store physical models!


If you look at the pictures of the synth, there are

two joysticks surrounded by

four displays. You can control 12 parameters of the

model in a patch, and the joystick morphs between any

four of them at one time (note the switch

that says 1_2_3 which selects the 4 parameters)


There's a blend dial that controls the mix of the

sound generators, but it's not limited to simple

fading. There can be models applied to it as

well. The filters are also modelling-capable, and

will include not only some analog-style models but

some exciting new ones, too.


It's 4-part multitimbral with effects on each

instrument (not global). It's also capable of between

16 and 48 voice polyphony, depending on the complexity

of the models you use. When this synth is finished it

will be incredible! It already sounds awesome, and I

can see the massive capabilities that we'll have

in the future.


This was one of the most talked about synths at the

show. There was a lot of buzz on the floor, and when

I ran into cEvin Key he mentioned that it

was on his radar screen. Obviously, at an intro price

of $5000 that's the exact person they'll be looking to

buy it now.





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I saw it at NAMM, and played it a little bit, as well as hearing it played by Stefan, the man who was demo'ing it.


It's most certainly not an "all-in-one" keyboard. It's more like a sound design machine for the synthesist who already has everything. It's priced that way too. From what I could tell in the cacaphonous environment of the convention center floor, it sounded cool. I heard things that reminded me of a PPG, a Prophet VS, and a Kyma. It was a prototype, and some of the functions weren't working, but what I heard was cool. It also looks swell... like you really know what you're doing if you own one. :)

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This was the keyboard hit of the show for me. I didn't get to spend enough time with it, but it looks innovative and powerful. I like Steve's comparisons, but don't let them sway you into thinking this is a derivative keyboard (I don't think that's what he meant). There were some fresh and cool (I sound like a gum commercial) sounds coming from that thing!


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I thought that this was one of the most innovative and cool sounding synths that I have seen in a long time. The engine of the instrument is (to say the very least) quite unique. I was also tremendously impressed with the interface.


I think that the thing that blew me away the most was what the thing sounded like, though...it was just amazing. It generated some of the most wonderfully complex and intricate tones that I've ever heard from a synth.


I am sure that one of these will end up in my studio some day.





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Originally posted by soapbox:

This was the keyboard hit of the show for me.


Yes Sir !

Thinking the same in Mexico...



It was funny how they placed their booth just besides of the Voyager one... I was more attracted to it than the MM Voyager.

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