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The Nice?


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Unfortunately, I don't think The Nice have any of their stuff on CD. I had a few of their albums way back in the seventies. It was strange because their music sounded like Syd Barett era Pink Floyd but the Keith Emerson keyboard work added a real aggressiveness to the sound.You should get their 1971 release, "Elegy" if you can find it. I still remember Emerson's (with The Nice) excellent instrumental version of "America" taken from West Side Story. He used to do this song live with ELP for a solo. He would rise up out of the stage on hydraulics, while dressed in a black phantom cape, playing a small Hammond A-100 that he would literally throw around the stage. He would play backwards on the keyboard while wrestling the Hammond on the ground and stabbing the keyboard with knives. Yeah. Those were the days. LOL
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I have a CD called "Keith Emerson with the nice". It includes songs from both Five Bridges and Elegy.


1. Five Bridges Suite

2. Intermezzo "Karella Suite"

3. "Pathetique" Symphony No. 6 3rd Movement

4. Hang on to a Dream

5. America

6. My Back Pages


The label is Mercury, album # 830 457-2 M-1. I picked it up at a CD shop in Seattle. This is excellent stuff. High Level Fugue (part of Five Bridges Suite) is a must have for any Emerson fan. I transcribed about 20 - 30 secs of that piece once, then he lost me.



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