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What ever happened to Larry Fast?

Pat Azzarello

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The fact that I jetisoned his vinyl last weekend plus another Sledgehammer thread got me thinking about Larry Fast again. Does anyone know what happened to him (Dave?)? As I don't have a record player it nearly broke my heart to think about getting rid of them until I looked on Amazon (though it's going to take a while for me to really lay out the $100 or so to replace what I just threw away). http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ts/artist-glance/37295/qid=999951750/sr=8-8/002-7206532-6838429


For those of you unfamiliar with his work, he is probably best known as the synthesist on Peter Gabrials first 3 albums. He's lesser known for his "Synergy" project (original synthesizer pieces).

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Larry Fast is active as ever.

I had the pleasure of seeing him play synthesizers with the Tony Levin Band in Phoenix.

It was awesome!

He even played "Flight of the Looking Glass" (from "Audion") live in his solo set. He used a K2000 and an Audity 2000.

Considering all he did with his Minimoog, I sure hope he snags one of the new Minimoog Voyagers.


You can get more up-to-date info on him here:





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Originally posted by PatAzz:

Does anyone know what happened to him (Dave?)?


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fast at AES in NYC two years ago - I'm hoping to see him again at NYC AES in a few weeks.


He was involved in a few different things when I spoke with him, but that was a few years ago. I talked with him about being on the beta team for Andromeda, which he seemed to be interested in doing, but that didn't happen, unfortunately.


I don't know what he's up to currently - if I'm lucky enough to run into him, I'll let you guys know what he had to say.





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