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Man, am I the only one on this forum that actually reads Keyboard mag?


Here's a link to Keyboard's recent round-up of Hardware vocoder boxes. From the little information you gave me, it doesn't sound like you want to buy a whole synth. You can do all the vocoding you want with either a dedicated vocoder or an effects processor that does vocoding. In fthe first category, there's the Electric Warpfactory and the MAM VF-11, both of which are pretty easy to use and quite cheap. In the second category there's the Digitech Studio-100 and the Boss VF-11, which are $200 and $500 respectively, and both offer vocoding as well as many other effects algorithms, but have less knobs and are not as easy to use as the first two.


Feel free to email me with any other questions, but check out the article:



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