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There Was A Big Show In Philly 2night...

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WOW! I just got back from the Ben Franklin Parkway. Some of y'all saw that on ABC. Live with 100,000+ fellow audience members, it was pretty powerful stuff. That document is one heavy set of lyrics, baby! Kevin Spacey positively NAILED his parts. Whoopi, Mel Gibson and Micheal Douglas were great too. Hearing an entire city roar when they got to the part about declaring "free states" gave me goosebumps in places that I didn't know I had geese. It was just like being there, in 1776, it was thrilling and inspiring.


Jill Scott's 1/2 hour set was kickin', and I thought the sound was fantastic for an outdoor venue that stretched for a half a mile. The sweet spots were big, and there was lots of them. I can only imagine how proud she must feel, having grown up in a poor little North Philadelphia neighborhood, and now performing on the Philadelphia Art Museum pavillion on July 4th for one of the biggest gigs in the world. Wow.


I've been anything but a Garth Brooks fan in the past, but he was GREAT! Seeing him live I thought, "Oh, OK, I get it now. I can understand why he's huge." He's OK with me now. It was a cool song he did, and a real sincere and simple delivery done solo on acoustic guitar. He has good energy.


Earlier during the day, there was a huge parade, and some of the marching bands were tremendous! There was a fife & drum corps from Camden that really blew me away. There were Mummers, of course, and although they may look absurd on TV, you must see Mummers live with a few drinks in ya to fully appreciate them. They can play, man! I was dancing down the street with those cats. There were marching bands from India, Mexico, etc. it was off da hook as we say here. I wish I'd had my sampler with me, because those beats that the drum sections were laying down for some of those marching bands would have made for some killer loops. I think that marching bands are a vastly overlooked and underrated aspect of the music arts.


The fireworks display was the longest I have ever endured. Positively bombastic. The sound was the best part. Again, I wish I'd had my sampler and a SM57 to capture the booming. Some of those booms would have made some phatt kick samples.


This concludes my report from our nation's birthday party, in it's birthplace.


God Bless America.


Eric Vincent

Curve Dominant Sound&Vision


Eric Vincent (ASCAP)


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Sounds too cool. And just think, the whole country over, everyone is celebrating, all those little thousands of small towns that dot the countryside...larger towns...everyone...


You Philly folks took the prize. But we had fun in our little town, too...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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The only thing that was a detractor was having the 4th in the middle of the week......

I've been to alot of countries while in the military, and as "tough" as we think we have it, we got it damn good......I am truly blessed to be an American.

Down like a dollar comin up against a yen, doin pretty good for the shape I'm in
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