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Bottom micing is the pits

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I recently heard it through the food chain that bottom micing can give a fuller sound to a kits toms. An engineer friend of mine could get some great depth from a tom by bottom micing it with AT's drum pak. I recently tried it myself and it sucked big. Suggestions on placement and or certain kits, etc...? I would just ask AJ but he passed on a few months ago. Thanks for the feedback.


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Bottom feeding's the pits, too.


Start with well-tuned drums!! If the drums speak well and sound really rich, you'll KNOW where to put any mic because the DRUM will tell you.

More often than not, I find myself just using the two overheads (and a kick), and subtracting what I don't want.

Im my theory book:

more mics=more knobtwiddling=less drum sound. more $$ in studio time.


Just one man's opinion.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Originally posted by Kris:

Make sure to fiddle with the phase of the mics if your preamp has a phase switch. Your bottom tom mics were possibly out of phase with the rest of the mics.


Dead on! Drum micing with more than one open mic is pure phase, you have to adjust your overall picture one mic at a time. I've never used bottom tom mic'ing techniques because I don't think they add anything. But bottom mic'ing the snare is good for loud drummers that hit so hard the snares don't react well.


Try starting with a good overhead stereo picture and make sure you've got no phase issues. Then move on one drum, one mic at a time, constantly checking to make sure every new drum mic is in phase in the overheads. Having a mono switch or an Auratone handy is a lifesaver. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


www.mercenary.com under the blotter link has some great drum micing techniques.



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