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joe blow

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hi i have an entry level kit right now and i need to upgrade to a profesional (cant spell) kit. I dont have a lot of money to spend (im thinking about $1300) and i dont need cymbals. i am looking very closely into the Ludwig Classic Birch set. i know ludwig has made good sets in the past but i havnt herd much reviews about now. i havnt accually played on them (cause no stores around here sell ludwig-i dont know why) but i was just wondering if anyone has. they are not 100% birch but im sure the sound would probably be good. any reviews?
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Felix--you're always so shy about your opinions!


I agree, and this from a guy who grew up watching Ringo on the Ed Sulivan Show!! Go shop around for your upgrade of drums. See what lights your fire! Don't go out in a hurry to buy. My set of Tama Starclassics took me about two years to find--and I love them! There are people who think Tama is crap but Pearl, or Smith, or something else is the greatest! That's cool for them, but for me, my drums are the best....and yeah, I wanted a Ludwig set once.


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I can't complain, but sometimes I still do... --Joe Walsh
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Mightydog -


"Pssst, I'll bet felix secretly plays on Ludwigs when no one is looking"... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif


Man, there's too many great sets out there. Compared to what was around in the 60's and early 70's. Even a lot of the 'starter' and 'entry level' kits today are as good or better than some of the stuff available when I was a kid drummer. Seems especially true with hardware.


While I'm not sure I can condone felix' sentiments (LMAO! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif), I would agree with Mightydog to take time and try and shop around and whack as many different kits as you possibly can. There's just so much really good stuff out there today. I'm not about to tout this or that one as 'best'. There just is no such animal.


And keep in mind, that the equipment is secondary anyway. It's NOT the drums, it's the DRUMMER.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always have what you've always had.
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You could probably find a Yamaha birch kit in the same price range. Sorry to be such a shill, but I am a dedicated Yamaha user. I've also seen used Yamaha maple kits for as little as $1,100 on e-Bay. Something to consider ...
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Hey, Joe Blow:


Several things are true.


1) I am guilty of this, but the advice is good. Don't rush into anything.

There are always kits being made or offered up for sale used. Don't let the money burn through your pocket. Take your time and find a good quality set at a good price.


2) Ludwig had some good looking stuff at this NAMM show. I will say that the hardware still could stand attention. Most of the great stuff from them that I saw was re-issue vintage stuff.


3) Saying that, you may want to shop for a vintage Ludwig kit. (if you have it bad for Ludwig) Try e-bay! Pawn Shops! Antique shops! You never know what you may find. Nothing wrong with a used kit. People just do not realize how many folks buy a kit and within a short time realize they have lost interest. They turn around and sell the kit for half of the original price.


4) Get what you want! Even if you have to save your money for a while longer. If you find that killer kit and it is out of your price range, then wait and save until you can buy that kit.


Hope this helps!


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