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Originally posted by Bartman:

SPAM ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sorry Bartman,


didn't mean any harm, I was just trying to share what I thought were some good web sites with some neat information that had to do with drumming. I was not trying to promote any product. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/frown.gif

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Thanks. I was only calling it SPAM because DJ has usually cautioned us from just posting links on here. Since you didn't really tell us who you were and what the links were about, it seemed that you were posting links to take people away from here.


In the future, I would encourage you to just give us a little description as to why you are posting these links and why we should check them out. If every person popped in here to just post LINKS and never contributed to the Forum ... it would be a royal mess.


I don't feel bad posting my personal web site as part of my signature on my posts because I'm an active member, and the URL is about me.


I just had no clue who you were Bubba and why you were posting a list of links. Perhaps you could have called the thread ... Drum Links I really like. Tell us why you like the links and why we should check them out. Then others could post links they like.


I'll let DJ take it from here since he's the moderator. He can let you know what the policy of Drum Talk and MusicPlayer.com is. I don't want to pretend to know the whole scoop ... but I do know that DJ is very relaxed and kind when it comes to this type of thing.


No Worries.





Bart Elliott


Drummer Cafe - community drum & percussion forum
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Hey, Guys:


In some of the other forums ... they really SLAM SPAMMERS!


Unless you are someone actively and aggressively trying to "steal" members away, I am not too worried about this.


Anything that promotes and grows drumming can only help us all grow the drum movement.


Bart's suggestion is the course I would have suggested. If you like a website, just tell who you are, and why you are suggesting the site. This way, folks know that you are not just trying to divert their attention!





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