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eBay shopping ?


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I've sold plenty of stuff on there.


Oh I bought an Octapad from some shit head who sent it in a beat up box, wrapped in newspaper, no wall wart or manual.


So the damn thing worked-but the manual was VERY EXPENSIVE to replace.


It works...it ended up being cheaper then the sp-20 thing or whatever the new one is called.


I don't like buying anything off ebay unless I have to.

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I have had great success selling and buying off eBay.


The key is ask LOTS of questions before you buy, and only buy from sellers with lots of good feedback.


I've found some real "gems in the rough" ... many times people not knowing what they had and I bought it CHEAP.





Bart Elliott


Drummer Cafe - community drum & percussion forum
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Hey, Guys:


I actually have a freind who started having so much success buying and selling on ebay, that it has become a full-time business for him!!

Musical Instruments only!


His advise is to really check the person out first. Check the reference area of ebay and read feedback from previous buyers.



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