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zildjian 'vintage' series?


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so i picked up some of the new 'a zildjian & cie' and 'constantinople' cymbals, and i'm wondering what other folks take on them is...


i have the 16" constantinople crash, which is truly a magic crash- there was another 16" and an 18" at the store which were lame, tho.


there were several 'a zildjian & cie' crashes to choose from, and i picked out an 18" that sounded great.


the 'a zildjian & cie' hats (14") alone sounded too dry, but i took the bottom hat (a medium) and paired it with paiste soundedge bottom, and it really came alive! since i have a soundedge set at home, i went for them. the thin 'a zildjian & cie' top hat is nice with a medium heavy 'k' bottom, too.


the kicker for me was the 20" thin 'a zildjian & cie' ride- there were three of them to choose from, and two 20" 'constantinople' medium thin rides. one of the 'a zildjian & cie' rides was absolute magic, while the other two, and both the 'k's, were awful!


now i know cymbals are a very subjective thing, and the next person looking them over might think the all great, while my choices sucked... nonetheless, i was very surprised at the huge difference in sound between similar models in that line! in the ad blurbs, zildjian touts how they've mastered the art of recreating the old sound to the point that each cymbal sounds similar- in fact, they do them in small batches just to keep q.c. tight.


these things are very expensive, and while the ones i bought blow away any of the 'k', avedis, or 'hhx', cymbals i tried, the ones left over make even the kiddie sabians sound hot!


i'm curious what you all think of this line- do you think zildjian has scored a hit, on an expensive miss?

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It sounds like you did your homework and legwork in chosing the correct cymbals.

You are right ... cymbals are a matter of opinion more than anything else.


I heard these new Cie cymbals at NAMM. I would have been more excited had they actually been a vault stock of premium aged 50 year old cymbals that were offered at real premium prices. It seems that all the cymbal manufacturers resort to HEAVY marketing to convince us that one cymbal is better than another, when you and I know that the only way to tell is to hear the difference!


Cie's are supposedly fashioned using age-old time-tested manufacturing methods. If this is true ... then what does that mean regarding all the other cymbals they manufacture? Makes you think!


More than anything, is that you found the sound you needed for you and you are happy with it!




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